eEmployer Help  
  Responding to a Verification of Employment Letter (Logged-in)  
  1. From the eEmployer Home page select the appropriate company from the Account list.  
  2. Select the VOEL link from the Main Menu page.  
  3. Select the appropriate VOEL sequence number, noting the date of birth and social security number listed for the employee.  
Complete VOEL Form
1. Select the employment status (never employed, previously employed or currently employed) for the employee from the Employed dropdown box. The selection you make in this box will determine the fields that are displayed on the rest of the form.
2. Enter employment start date, employment end date, employment end reason and occupation fields if applicable.
3. The job location will be auto populated. If this location is incorrect, select the correct location.
4. Enter the gross salary (per year), payroll frequency and shift for the employee.
5. Enter the employee's home address (or last known home address) and home phone, if known.
6. If the date of birth or social security number on the previous page were incorrect, enter the correct information in the appropriate fields.
Insurance Information
1. If the employee has insurance coverage, select Yes in the Covered By Insurance field and select the correct plan and coverage type and click the >add coverage link.
2. If dependents are also covered by the insurance plan, click the Edit link for the appropriate dependent.
3. To modify the dependent's coverage status, select the Modify link in the covered list. The Modify link toggles a dependent's coverage status from No to Yes or from Yes to No.
4. Click >Submit Dependent Insurance Modifications to update dependent's coverage status.
7. Click Submit
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