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Child Support Guideline Calculator

This calculator cannot be used for those cases where joint custody has been granted.

Please enter the income and expense information below and click on the submit button. Enter as much information as possible for both parents using only whole numbers. Example: 100 not 100.00
Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.

* Number of children for the case you are calculating:
Custodial Parent Non-Custodial Parent
*  Gross Monthly Income

Insurance Premium

Child Care Cost

Additional Expenses


** Please note that this calculator is provided for informational purposes only.  There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the calculation and the results should not be used for official purposes.  This calculator computes only a Worksheet A with the current guideline table effective May 14, 2008.  The calculator does not apply to cases involving time sharing over 35% (Worksheet B), split custody situations (Erickson calculation) or determining arrears (child support owed for prior time periods) requiring prior child support guideline tables.