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  Welcome to New Mexico eEmployer website!
This website provides employers access to New Mexico Human Services Department, Child Support Enforcement Division online systems.
Employers are required to provide employment verification. CSED will no longer be accepting employment verification from 3rd parties.
eEmployer website is designed to simplify the communication between employers and the New Mexico Child Support Enforcement Division. Using eEmployer website, employers can:
  • Keep address and contact information for each business location up to date
  • Specify appropriate addresses for different types of correspondence, including 3rd party addresses
  • Maintain insurance plans offered
  • Update employee and dependent insurance coverage information*
  • Keep employment records current for employees under court order to provide child support*
  • Provide employee address information*
  • Set up automatic withdrawal for court ordered wage withholding*
  • Respond to Verification of Employment Letters
    * Only employees with active support orders can be added to the website
    Click here to access eEmployer
    Click here to respond to a Verification of Employment Letter
    Click here for more information on Child Support and the eEmployer website.
    Click here to report your new hires on the New Mexico New Hires Directory
    National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)
    Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions
    Click here to access NMSN Forms (528A & 528B)
    Click here to access NMSN Instructions
    Good News For Employers, Nonprofit Organizations and individual New Mexicans without Health Insurance - Click Here
    Access the award winning eChildSupport site to apply for child support and manage your child support case. Using eChildSupport, custodial and non-custodial parents can:
  • Apply for services
  • Track the money you've paid
  • Track the money you've received
  • Manage your case
  • Request a case review
    Click here to access eCSE (eChild Support Enforcement)

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